Building Application for Tizen in Tizen Backend as a Service

Building Application for Tizen in Tizen Backend as a Service

Tizen a new Operating System that has just been popular in developers make debut as one of OS in successful smartphone providers. Samsung is one of companies with highest sales of Android devices in the world. Android devices made by Samsung is used by billion people in the world. It’s not surprising if someone associate Android Smartphone with Samsung Galaxy. Along with Intel and the Linux Foundation Samsung develops its own mobile operating system to reduce to reduce its dependence on Android and Google.

There are few Tizen Mobile Backend App around. Because Tizen is pretty new, developers are still figuring out about Tizen. Tizen strongly supports developers who build applications using HTML5. Even the official guidelines for developing applications using HTML5 on Tizen has been available since it is released. Different with Android, Google officially supports Android application development using Java. To develop Android apps using HTML5, you have to use a third-party developer.

Developing applications for Tizen can be achieved by using Tizen SDK. Tizen SDK consists of a set of tools for developing native applications and web. SDK released in consists of IDE, Emulators, code samples, and documentation. Tizen SDK can be used in Windows, Ubuntu Linux, and Mac OS X. IDE in Tizen SDK is actually Eclipse that has been customized to ease developers developing applications for Tizen. If you do not want to use Tizen IDE, we can still develop Tizen application as long as it follows Tizen terms and condition.