iBeacon as a Simple IoT Devices

iBeacon as a Simple IoT Devices

Introduced by Apple on the 2013, Apple iBeacon is working with Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) or Bluetooth version 4. On the day it was launched, iBeacon was supposed to be one of huge leap in Internet of Things. Even there are many IoT Platform is adding feature with beacon in order to ease the management service.

iBeacon can also be used with an application as an indoor positioning system, which helps smartphones determine their approximate location or context. With the help of an iBeacon, a smartphone’s software can approximately find its relative location to an iBeacon in a store. Brick and mortar retail stores use the beacons for mobile commerce, offering customers special deals through mobile marketing, and can enable mobile payments through point of sale systems.

With growing technology, Internet of Things has became one of daily needs. We can find many IoT devices we can use and feel the impact in daily basis such as fitness tracker, thermostat, or smartwatch. Those things were just the beginning. We can see more tech and IoT stuff even in shoes that can tied up themselves.

High demand of Internet of Things Market causes startup and enterprise add Internet of Things solution to their solution. As for example is using beacon as an asset management and visitor tracking. While some companies are using name tag and ID card, beacon can be a simple way to track visitors and it doesn’t even spend lot of cost. The battery last up to 2 years and if it doesn’t need specific reader which is mostly expensive as in RFID.

Beacon Bluetooth for IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)

Industrial Internet of Things is simply another variety of IoT implementations. Made for the big one such as industry or company needs and basic needs that’s used in major implementation. It’s basically still Internet of Things but for corporation and manufacturing. Currently, iBeacon Technology is used as one of the implementations.

The intelligent instruments that are connected to the Internet and can think in Industrial Internet of Things will create a revolution in industry. Beacon Bluetooth which was introduced on 2014 by Apply is also one of devices that can be implemented in Industrial Internet of Things too.


Here are some implementations of Beacon Bluetooth for Industrial Internet of Things:

1. Smart Home

Some homes have installed thermostat which can control lamp or air conditioner. But with IoT it could be so much better. It could detects intruder or at least non family member who’s sneaking to your house. With motion sensors, glass breaks detector, and door/windows detector home owner will be alerted if there’s some intruders activity inside the house.

2. Smart Logistics

Thousands of products such as medicines and food must be sorted and transported at low temperatures. With IoT truck can manage these temperatures itself. By detecting temperatures, any changes will be detected and it can switch the temperatures inside the truck.

3. Smart Lighting

Lighting accounts 19% of global electricity use. For example Europe pays over €10 billion each year to power street lights. With IoT that creates Smart Lighting, it could save more energy used. Intelligent street lighting dims when no activity is detected, but brightens when movement is detected. Saving world’s energy and earth.

iBeacon Bluetooth Low Energy dan Implementasi

Apa itu iBeacon

iBeacon adalah salah satu protokol komunikasi yang dirilis oleh Apple,inc. iBeacon sendiri merupakan teknologi yang memungkinkan penyebaran informasi lewat Bluetooth menuju perangkat-perangkat mobile yang berada di lokasi sekitar. Teknologi ini sangatlah bermanfaat terutama untuk keperluan industri atau enterprise. Biasanya perusahaan forwarding dan trucking menggunakan ibeacon identifikasi, tracking, tagging termasuk microlocation.

Mengenal Teknologi iBeacon Bluetooth Low Energy dan Implementasi, IBeacon menggunakan protokol Bluetooth Low Energy, dimana semua perangkat android 4.3 hingga iOS 7 bisa menangkap data yang di kirim oleh device iBeacon. Mengkipun Apple yang merilis protokol ini, iBeacon juga bisa di gunakan untuk platform Android.


Provider Device iBeacon

Di Indonesia tepatnya di kota Surabaya, sebuah startup Eyro Digital Teknologi telah sukses mengembangkan sebuah pemancar Bluetooth mengikuti standar iBeacon sekaligus memaksimalkan potensi iBeacon technology. Pemancar Bluetooth IBeacon yang kemudian diberi nama Cubeacon ini berbentuk kubus kecil yang di dalamnya tersimpan chip Bluetooth 4.0 yang bisa menjangkau perangkat mobile dengan radius 100 meter serta baterai kancing standar dengan estimasi daya tahan hingga 2 tahun. Lalu seperti apakah alat pemancar iBeacon bernama Cubeacon ini?

iBeacon Devices

iBeacon Devices dari Cubeacon

Perusahaan ini termasuk perusahaan produsen ibeacon yang memiliki kualitas terbaik, dan memberikan layanan yang lebih abik dari pada perusahaan dan brand dari China. Cubeacon sendiri memberikan perangkat dengan standart iBeacon dari Apple, selain itu mereka juga menyediakan platfrom Backend as a service, untuk membantu para deveoper dalam melakukan implementasi.

iBeacon card

iBeacon card dari Cubeacon

Selain itu Cubeacon juga sering sekali mengadakan developer meetup dan membantu implementasi di lapangan, dan membantu bisnis proses dan komersialisasi dari pengguna ibeacon yang bekerjasama, hal ini ditandai adanya rekrutmen developer program, dimana indie developer boleh mendaftar sebagai rekanan. Dan tidak tertutup kemungkinan bagi perusahaan besar untuk bergabung.

Implementasi iBeacon Bluetooth Low Energy

Di Indonesia, teknologi iBeacon biasa digunakan untuk kalangan industri. Selain teknologi juga lebih efektif dari pada RFID/NFC devices baik yang RFID Aktif atau pasif. Mungkin bila dalam harga devices, iBeacon (Cubeacon Card + Reader) mungkin terasa lebih mahal, namun bila di kombinasi kan dalam harga development infrastruktur, iBeacon Teknologi mungkin lebih mudah,

Selain itu Reader nya juga bisa menggunkan smartphone biasa, artinya adalah : proses implementasi di lapangan akan jauh lebih fleksibel. Dari apda menggunakan RFID yang mengharus kan menggunakan reader khusus, mungkin RFID Reader juga terdapat pada beberapa smartphone high end, namun iBeacon dengan Bluetooth jauh lebih mudah lagi digunakan untuk berbagai keperluan industri.

ibeacon vs rfid

Perbandingan iBeacon vs RFID

Selain flesibelitas tekonlogi dan infrastruktur, iBeacon juga banyak dilakukan untuk berbagai keperluan untuk menunjang proses produksi.

Perkembangan IoT (Internet of things) juga menjadi salah satu terbentuknya implementasi iBeacon terhadap kebutuhan sarana prasarana, dan konsep Smart City. Bila Anda seorang developer smart city tentunya akan menjadi perhatian penting akan teknologi yang satu ini.

Kajian tentang smart city dan IOT dengan  mengggunakan teknologi iBeacon juga sudah mulai banyak di kaji. Dan banyak sekali lini kebutuhan yang bisa mengguanakn teknologi iBeacon ini. Selain kemudahan nya harga device iBeacon cenderung tidak terlalu mahal

What is iBeacon Technology and How it Works

iBeacon is getting stronger now. With the hype of almost every year there are more innovations involving iBeacon technology and not just in retail but it is currently developing to smart environment such as airport.

iBeacon Technology which was introduced by Apple on 2014 made their debut as a device that will deliver push notification, promos, and discount to the customer in a store. There are startups who build their device with iBeacon and there are also more enterprise that launch their own beacon.

A beacon is working using Bluetooth version 4 or bluetooth low energy. This makes less battery spent when it’s connected to a smartphone. That way a user can be connected as long as they want without having to worry that it will consumes their smartphone battery a lot.

iBeacon is simply working as a transmitter. The reader can be a smartphone or developer can build a reader for their device. The management of iBeacon can be done in a backend platform. Most iBeacon startups provides the backend to set up along with the device.

This makes developers can build their device easily since backend also provide them with SDK or Software Developer Kit. The SDK is the core to implement iBeacon technology to any apps.


Developer now building more solution using iBeacon. Especially in Industrial Internet of Things. iBeacon itself is able to work in tracking and logistic. This makes industry can have use of it with its accuracy and micro location implementation.

Currently, the industry has been using RFID as their asset management. While RFID price itself is expensive in terms of price and maintenance, iBeacon can be a solution for the low cost and easy to implement device. Beside iBeacon cost itself is affordable, the reader of iBeacon can be using a smartphone whic is easier since everybody has smartphone now.